Featured Caller-Jet Roberts


We are excited to welcome Jet Roberts to our convention.  Jet started calling in 1971 at the young age of eight years old.  Three years later he was calling for three local clubs in the Sacramento, CA area.  He always dreamed of making calling his full time occupation and by age 19 he was established as a full time caller on the west coast.

To date, Jet has been featured in all the western states and has traveled as far east as New York and into the New England states.  Since 1993, Jet has been featured in other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, New Zealand and spent two years calling full time in Perth Australia.

Jet calls from Basic through the A2 level.  During the 2011 National Square Dance Convention in Detroit, MI, Jet became the newest staff member of Rhythm Records. In the summer of 2004, Jet married Sylvia Bjork (also a caller) from Sweden and they are currently living in Antelope, CA.  Jet is the proud father of 3 girls.

Jet is known for his smooth and interesting choreography.  His singing calls are always a pleasure to dance to but listen to as well.

Visit Jet’s website at: jetroberts.com